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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
God's Provision, Protection, and Promise Psalm 121 Dan Bradley 2017-05-21 No Series
Three Lessons for Mothers and Children John 2:1-11 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-05-14 No Series
Reveal God's Message, Part 2 Romans 10:14 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-05-07 Reaching Our World
Reveal God's Message, Part 1 1 Corinthians 15:1-6 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-04-30 Reaching Our World
Go Into All The World Gary Walton 2017-04-23 No Series
The Resurrection Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-04-16 No Series
The Journey into Holiness Matthew 21:1-17 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-04-09 No Series
Rely on God's Involvement 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-04-02 Reaching Our World
Practice Acts of Kindness 1 John 3:16-19 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-03-26 Reaching Our World
Embrace Intercessory Prayer Acts 8:26-38 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-03-19 Reaching Our World
Filling Up What is Lacking Missionary Herb Hunter 2017-03-12 No Series
Cultivate Redemptive Relationships Romans 12:9-16 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-03-05 Reaching Our World
Examine Your Walk Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-02-26 Reaching Our World
Reaching Our World Intro Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-02-19 Reaching Our World
The Workers are Few Psalm 67:1-3 Ray Teachout 2017-02-12 No Series
The Hope For Sin Ruined Lives Isaiah 43:18-25 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-02-05 No Series
Remembering God's Goodness Deuteronomy Tim Manes 2017-01-29 No Series
When Overwhelmed and Overpowered Isaiah 43:1-7 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-01-22 No Series
From Glory to Glory Hebrews 4:11-16 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-01-15 No Series
Two Ways Open to Mankind Psalm 1 Pastor Lee Ormiston 2017-01-08 No Series

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