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Come and see the works of God;
He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.  -Psalm 66:5

Come is a 2 fold invitation.  First - if you've never met God, you need to come meet Him for the first time. Second - once you've come to Him, then you need to daily renew your relationship with Him.

The biggest invitation to come: Come meet God for the first time!

Your spiritual journey starts when you meet God.  God wants you to come to Him.

After you've met God the first time, the next invitation to come is to: Come Meet with God and His People Regularly

Christianity isn't a once and done thing.  It's a relationship with the Creator of the universe - Jesus Christ!  Unfortunately, as long as we're on this earth, we're still prone to sin.  Often this is a result of us getting too focused on ourselves and not enough focused on God.  The second part of the invitation to come is an invitation to personally meet God daily and to weekly meet God corporately with the church as the church helps strengthen your relationship with God and you help strengthen others in the church in their relationship with God.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Jesus our LORD with delight rather than duty transforming our community one life at a time.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving, Christ honoring, multiethnic, disciple making, warm, Baptist congregation:

  • Where Christ is worshipped whole-heartedly in every word, thought, and action.
  • Where the Holy Spirit is so obvious that He is the source of our unity, strength, direction, help, and encouragement.
  • Where the love of Christ so permeates each member that it cannot be contained within the building and is evident in our homes, the workplace, and our community.

Our Core Values

  1. Godly Leadership that provides Bible-centered preaching and teaching.
  2. Heart-felt worship that honors God, not man.
  3. Discipleship that leads to godly living, giving, and stewardship.
  4. Brotherly love for the church family expressed in meaningful personal relationships.
  5. Unity of our members in accomplishing the work of Christ.
  6. Reaching lost souls using creative, Christ-honoring means.
  7. Urban church planting both home and abroad.
  8. Compassionate help to the hurting as modeled by our LORD.
  9. Ethnic diversity reflecting that of the Universal Church.
  10. Baptist distinctives which are part of our heritage.

Here is an abbreviated version of what we believe.  Feel free to read our Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Statement if you want to know more about why we believe what we believe.

Based on the Bible, we believe the following:

We meet every Sunday to celebrate our Savior and the family we are adopted into when we believe in Him!

9:30am - Sunday School

- Preschool Class
- Elementary Class
- Teen Group
- College & Career Class (Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges)
- Eschatology
- Walking through Hebrews
- Ladies Class (Acts)

10:30am - Meet in the gym for fellowship over light refreshments
11:00am - Worship together

On most Sundays:

6:00pm - Meet together in Small Groups throughout the Metro Area

On the first Sunday of each month, we do things a little differently:

12:20pm - Join together in the gym for a meal together as our family
6:00pm - No Small Groups

7:00pm - Prayer Meeting

- Adult English-Language-Learners Class
- Teen Group
- Kids Club



We have 66 guests and no members online